3 Essential Elements of Modern Kitchen Designs

3 Essential Elements of Modern Kitchen Designs
March 3, 2016 Joe Fogliani

3 Essential Elements of Modern Kitchen Designs

When it comes to kitchen designs, Perth WA homeowners tend to prefer modern kitchen designs. Sleek and sophisticated modern designs can provide a stylistic touch to any home. The kitchen can also serve as inspiration for decorating the rest of the home. Whether you are planning a home renovation or want to update your kitchen, you need to know the three essential elements of a modern kitchen design.

The Concept:

Although most kitchen designs have a concept, modern designs tend to be sleek with clean lines. Most modern kitchen designs allow for almost all countertop space to be kept clear, so you will need plenty of cupboard space to house all your essential kitchen nicknacks. The cupboards themselves tend to feature a clean design with smooth doors and minimal decoration. This means that the cupboards not only look attractive but are easy to clean. To discover the concept for your kitchen design, check out showroom examples, home magazine photographs and designer’s portfolios. You can incorporate different aspects of various kitchens to create your overall concept.


The Layout:

Modern kitchen designs tend to be either L or U-shaped, but you could also incorporate an island for additional space. The layout of your kitchen depends greatly on your budget and the existing layout. While you may want an island to house your sink, this may mean moving plumbing pipes and other utilities. This will increase the cost and in some properties, it may not be feasible. If you want to keep the costs as low as possible, you may need to stick to a layout similar to your existing kitchen. However, modern kitchen cabinets tend to be available varying sizes, which allows you make use of the smaller spaces that would have been wasted in an older kitchen design.


Stylistic Touches:

In a modern kitchen, less tends to be more. This allows you to create focal points and stylistic touches with your fixtures and fittings. Since the countertops will be clear and your cabinets are simple, the handles on your cupboards can make a real impact. You can also make an impact with your colour choices. You can team lighter coloured cabinets with a dark countertop. There are bold colour choices available, but remember that your kitchen needs to have longevity. You may regret choosing bright yellow cabinets after a few months when the trends change. You can also use your appliances as stylistic touches. There is the option to hide your appliances behind cabinet doors or choose appliances that look sleek and modern. For example, a shiny American style fridge can look great in a modern kitchen, complementing the cabinets and countertops perfectly. You can use stainless steel and chrome accents to tie together the design and complete the look.


If you are contemplating your options for kitchen designs in Perth, homeowners should speak to us. The Fogliani Interiors team are available to answer any queries and provide guidance for the kitchen best suited to your needs. We would be delighted to assist you to realising the kitchen of your dreams.