3 Top Reasons to Choose Custom Made Furniture

3 Top Reasons to Choose Custom Made Furniture
January 25, 2016 Joe Fogliani

3 Top Reasons to Choose Custom Made Furniture

When considering custom made furniture, Perth homeowners are likely to compare the cost with discount items and may decide that custom is not right for them. However, custom furniture has a number of attractive features that may benefit your home. Here are just three reasons why it is worth giving custom items a little more consideration.

Make a Unique Statement:

The main drawback of discount furniture is that each item is designed to come off a production line completely identical to the next. This style of manufacturing is a cheaper process per item through economies of scale. It means that you can buy the same flat pack at one store, and it will be exactly the same from the same store on the other side of the country. This can be appealing, but it means that your home can end up looking a little generic. This means that your new piece of furniture may be functional, but it adds very little aesthetic impact to your home. However, custom furniture makes a unique statement. You can pick your choice of materials to create the perfect accent to your decor.


Custom Made Furniture Represents Long Term Value:

We have all experienced that disappointing feeling of buying a new bookcase, table or other piece of furniture from a discount store only to find that we need to replace it two or three years later. While a discount store may seem like the most cost-effective solution, if we are spending $100 every two or three years, it is greater value to spend more and buy a custom piece that will last decades or even hundreds of years. Custom furniture is made with high-quality materials that will not wear out or become damaged as quickly as discount furniture. You may even find that the general wear on your new piece adds, even more, character rather than reducing its appeal.


The Opportunity for Tailored Solutions:

Every home is different and has different attributes. This means that there will always be odd corners or spaces that require a piece of furniture. However, when you buy discount furniture, you are buying an item that fits the space as best as it can. You are likely to have seen bookcases, cabinets, cupboards or shelves that leave uneven gaps in an alcove or stick out just a little too much into the room. Fortunately, these unsightly sizing problems can be avoided with custom made furniture. Since the piece is being made especially for you, you can not only have your choice of materials, but it will be measured to fit exactly into the space available. This type of tailored solution, not only looks fantastic, but you can tell it was made to fit in your home. Custom furniture can be designed to provide the ideal storage solution to make the best use of the space in your home and perfectly complement your taste and style.


If you would like to know more about custom made furniture for your home, contact us. Our experienced team would be pleased to discuss your particular requirements and offer an attractive solution that meets your needs.