5 Top Tips To Find The Best Kitchen Cabinet Makers

5 Top Tips To Find The Best Kitchen Cabinet Makers
January 25, 2016 Joe Fogliani

5 Top Tips To Find The Best Kitchen Cabinet Makers

A new kitchen can be a sizeable investment in your home. Therefore, you will want to have confidence that your new kitchen can stand the test of time. Although you are likely to find that there are lots of kitchen companies listed in your area, they do not all offer the same standard of quality. Fortunately, with these five steps you can quickly and easily find the best kitchen cabinet makers.

Ask Family and Friends:

When you’ve visited the homes of your family and friends, take note of their kitchen. If you see a design you like, or they can’t stop raving about how happy they are with their new kitchen, ask them who their kitchen cabinet makers are. A recommendation from a family member or trusted friend is one of the best ways to find a reputable company who offers a high standard of service.


Check Consumer Sites and Feedback Forums:

If you don’t know anyone who loves their kitchen renovations, fear not as there are still plenty of resources to find the best cabinet makers. With the development of the internet, finding recommendations and reviews has never been easier. You can quickly find out what experiences other people have had when using your prospective company. While the business itself may have reviews on their website, it is always better to look for reviews on an independent site. Be aware that any comments or reviews are based on one person’s experience and some people may be complaining about very minor issues. However, repeated comments of a similar nature indicate a pattern and a potential problem.


Look at Company Portfolios:

Most companies love to showcase their best work in their portfolio. You may find examples of previous projects in brochures, literature or on a website gallery. Check the portfolio for styles and themes similar to your tastes. It is no good looking for a sleek modern design with a company who specialise in traditional style designs. Your chosen company should have experience in your preferred style.


Obtain One or Two Quotes:

Although price should never be the sole deciding factor, it is still important. Therefore, it is always worth obtaining more than one quote. Check that the quotes compare like for like, for the same number and quality of cabinets. You will also need to check if fitting and installation are included in the price. If there are significant price differences for no apparent reason, you can always ask why. However, if a quote looks too good to be true, don’t just agree as you will need to read the fine print.


Check the Standard of Customer Care:

Finally, before you agree to any contract, check the customer care you can expect from the company. Check how long it takes for phone messages or emails to be returned. Assess how friendly and helpful the office staff are. If a business cannot impress when they are trying to win your business, it doesn’t bode well for if there is a problem in the future.


If you are looking for a great kitchen cabinet makers, contact us. We specialise in custom made kitchens, and our team has decades of industry experience. We would be delighted to address any queries you may have and help you to achieve your dream kitchen.