Bathroom Design Trends

Bathroom Design Trends
July 4, 2019 Be Media

When renovating and refreshing your home, before you start anything you firstly want to consider the spaces you use the most as these are the areas that will need the most attention.

Your bathroom is a functional spot and a place that is not just visible to you but also to your guests.

Don’t leave your bathroom neglected when it comes to design, in fact, it’s time you make your bathroom one of the statements of your home.


Bathroom Vanities Perth

Vanities are a cherished essential of every bathroom, they shouldn’t just sit there and gather dust. Actually, your vanity can spruce up your bathroom in more ways than you think, increasingly many modern bathrooms are putting vanities at the centre. More and more contemporary bathrooms are placing vanities in front of windows, allowing the natural light and majestic views to take over the artificial elements of the bathroom space.

Unsure where to place your mirror? Simply place it from the ceiling or at the end of the wall near your sink. Don’t underestimate the value of small spaces, like your vanity space and powder rooms which can be a blank canvas for a splashy statement. Don’t shy away from large-scale wallpapers that embellish these smaller spaces with a whole lot of artful attitude.


Bathroom Renovations

Old-world craftsmanship is coming back in a monumental way. White and grey marble continues to be a solid, highbrow material that can transform your bathroom or kitchen to cleaner, modern aesthetic. Quartz and porcelain tiles that look like natural stone are also extremely durable and abiding.

Sandblasted marble floor detail beneath matching walls can dramatically transform your average bathroom to one of imperial stature. Forget a boring visible drain, now your walk-in shower can feature a luxurious floor surface of large marble slab hiding linear drainage lines beneath.

No longer cold and un-welcoming, concrete is making a trendy return with sink basins, countertops, floors and walls. Mixing this harsh material against softer organic tones like wood, steel or porcelain to give your bathroom a sleek, modern touch. Many contemporary bathrooms are beginning to incorporate exposed shower plumbing styles, this industrial look pairs charmingly with a clean, white marble.

Bathroom Design Perth

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