Custom Furniture and Cabinets

Custom Furniture & Cabinets

Enjoy the ultimate in customisation with the bespoke furniture makers at Fogliani Interiors. Specialising in crafting premium custom furniture and custom cabinets in Perth, our experienced furniture makers transform your designs and drawings into quality cabinets and exquisite pieces of furniture. Made according to your specifications, our custom furniture and cabinets provide you with the freedom to choose designs, sizes, materials, finishes and styles for the ultimate in personalisation. Ideal for any room in your home, learn more about crafting custom furniture and cabinets with Fogliani Interiors.

Custom Cabinets

Maximise the use of your available space and create multifunctional cabinets made to last with Fogliani Interiors. Get rid of gaps and inconsistencies left by cookie-cutter cabinetry and enjoy the luxury and precision of custom cabinets made just for your home. Crafted from high quality materials and finishes, our experienced cabinet makers design, construct and install high quality cabinets in line with your exact requirements and preferences.

Choose custom cabinetry for kitchens, bathrooms, home offices, theatre rooms, dining rooms, lounge rooms, bars and any space that could benefit from the added touch of premium bespoke cabinetry.

Custom Furniture

At Fogliani Interiors, our custom furniture makers craft high end pieces that last a lifetime. Specialising in constructing custom pieces of freestanding furniture, we help you complete your home with furniture made locally and with care. Ditch stock-standard furniture and fill your home with premium pieces made custom for you. Created with high quality materials and constructed with expert craftsmanship, all pieces by our custom furniture makers are one-of-a-kind and of the highest standard.

Cabinet Design Drawings

Our experienced custom cabinetry team specialises in the design of your cabinets based on consultations and discussions with you. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of your requirements, desires and budget, our team designs your cabinetry according to your exact specifications and preferences. We create design drawings using CAD with full documentation in order to provide you with a detailed understanding of what to expect in the final result. Throughout the entire design process, you’re able to make alterations and adjustments to ensure that your cabinetry is exactly how you envision it.

From traditional and classic pieces to more contemporary and modern styles, we utilise the best quality materials and hardware to create your cabinets. Designed and constructed just for you, your cabinetry is guaranteed to fit perfectly into your home.

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