How to make rooms feel cosy and warm

How to make rooms feel cosy and warm
July 4, 2019 Be Media

It may be cold and uninviting outside but that doesn’t mean your home should be the same.

With some small, simple additions such as the right choice of cabinetry, interiors and furniture can make a big difference in transforming these spaces from cold and uninspiring to snug and homely. You can transform these large, open spaces by creating focal points that break them up into zones of instant homely warmth and familiarity.

For example, focusing on your eye-catching lounge seating can automatically define a snug living zone away from the distractions of bustling kitchen and dining areas.

Use Home Cabinetry and Interiors

For a contemporary home, it’s all about minimal mindfulness. This means updating your kitchen with clean-lined cabinetry, timeless straight lines to maintain the laidback vibe at home. Choosing complimentary colours is imperative, dark colours absorb light while lighter shades reflect almost any colour.

For instance, avoid bright colours in bedrooms instead go for more subtle lighting effects. For your living area, inject some earthy tones like dark and dramatic greens, earthy terracotta and some coppery hues with some rich wood cabinetry to finish it off.

Who doesn’t love a slick touch of matte finish? It’s not going out of style any time soon. Dark matte cabinetry and appliances finished with gold or copper accents make for a grand gesture.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, be bold with unexpected juxta-positioning of cabinets to create a more authentic and memorable space. Add some playful colour and patterned elements to flesh out a sense of exclusivity. Feel like your home is a bit out of touch, incorporate some texture using rugs, plush cushions, upholstery and window treatment to inject that extra comfort into your home.

Warm your house up, even more, this winter by incorporating a fireplace to give your living space a more rustic, intimate touch. For example, a wood-burning stove or even a bioethanol design can add a cosier mood.

Incorporate Luxury Furniture

Break down your expansive room space by separating zones to create intimate conversation spots. Perhaps place a comfortable central sofa in your living room to provide a relaxing zone for a cuppa and conversation. Or why not arrange some statement coloured bar stools with backs around your living and kitchen space to add some casual personality and everyday glamour so everyone can enjoy the space no matter what they are doing.

For your kitchen décor, consider purposely mismatching two complementary tones for walls and cabinets to surprise the eye with a polished look. Bring to life your bare walls with some lively artwork. For a more personal touch, create a gallery wall with a few small heartfelt photos above your fireplace to create a starting point for conversation.

If you’re struggling to find the right artwork to fit your home décor, bring in some texture with wallpaper, cladding or exposed brick.

An exposed brick wall can bring a more tactile element to your living space, alternatively, lay some brick slips over the walls to create a similar effect.

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