Kitchen Renovations – Things To Consider Before Starting

Kitchen Renovations – Things To Consider Before Starting
January 3, 2019 Joe Fogliani

Kitchen Renovations- Things To Consider Before Starting

When looking for kitchen renovations, Perth homeowners often get a little carried away and rush into their new project. Unfortunately, this can lead to problems, and you may find your budget spirals out of control. Before you start shopping around for new cabinets, here are five factors you need to consider.

Your Budget:

Although this may seem obvious, many homeowners begin consulting with kitchen designers before they have decided how much they want to spend. Whether you are looking to renovate in preparation for selling to make your home appeal to buyers or you want to improve your enjoyment of your home, determining your budget is vital. Your budget will depend on your particular circumstances, but it will impact all decisions from the extent of the renovation through to the type of cabinets and fixtures. It is critical that once you have determined your budget, you stick to it.


Your Existing Layout:

Although you may like the idea of moving the sink to the other side of the kitchen, this will involve a great deal more expense and inconvenience. If possible, you should try to work within your existing layout, which will determine the placement of most of your appliances. If you must have an appliance or fixture moved, you will need to discuss this with your kitchen designers before you start planning. This will allow the team to check if moving pipes and or electricity supplies is feasible.


Your Existing Cabinets:

Although you may want a completely new look, it is important to understand that new cabinets usually account for approximately half of the average kitchen renovation cost. However, you can save money and have extra funds to spend elsewhere by using your existing cabinets. If the cabinets are in a decent condition, you could keep the existing cupboard and just replace the doors and or the fixings. In a modern kitchen, you only really see the cupboard doors, so if you don’t need to replace the whole cabinet, you could afford to spend more on higher quality doors and nicer fittings.



The perfect kitchen has great lighting, allowing you to cook, prepare meals or socialise in your kitchen, regardless of the time of day or season. There will be times that you will not be able to rely on natural light, so you need to carefully consider your lighting options. There are so many more efficient and attractive options compared to the old fluorescent bulbs, but you will need to be prepared to factor lighting into your budget.



While a hot pink kitchen may be the latest celebrity style in your favourite magazine, you are likely to tire of it very quickly. Before you buy any element of your new kitchen, you need to consider its longevity. A new kitchen is a significant investment in your home, so you will need to remain happy with it for years to come. Your chosen design will need to stand the test of time and fit in with your entire home. Remember that while you can redecorate the rest of your home relatively easily, your kitchen will be more complicated so it needs to be timeless.


If you are considering kitchen renovations, Perth homeowners should speak to us. We are experienced kitchen designers, and our team are available to answer any of your queries or questions.