Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Renovations Perth

Your kitchen is the most heavily used space in your home. Whether you’re whipping up a busy breakfast before work or preparing a feast for the entire family, your kitchen needs to meet your requirements in order to add value to your lifestyle. From jarring layouts and low quality finishes to a lack of space and illogical flow, a poorly designed and completed kitchen can seriously impact your everyday life. If your kitchen could use a revamp and renovation, get started on creating a new kitchen design with Fogliani Interiors.

As experienced kitchen renovation professionals, we help you modernise a dated kitchen or expand an existing space for added functionality. Our professionals specialise in transforming ideas and concepts into functional, versatile and luxurious spaces ready for living. Offering full project management services from design to completion, we take care every aspect of your kitchen renovation to ensure it’s completed with precision. Supervising and liaising with plumbers, electricians, tilers, stone fabricators and other contractors, we streamline the kitchen renovation process. For a practical, versatile and luxurious kitchen that meets your lifestyle requirements, choose Fogliani Interiors for your kitchen renovation in Perth.

Kitchen Designs Perth

Many stock standard builders churn out cookie-cutter kitchens with predictable and basic layouts that don’t always meet the needs of every client. At Fogliani Interiors, our approach is different. Creating custom kitchen fitouts according to your requirements, we help you maximise space to craft a kitchen made to last.


Turn dated layouts or blank spaces into practical and luxurious kitchens with help from our talented design team. Working with your existing plans or formulating designs collaboratively from scratch, we incorporate the functionality you require and the aesthetic you envision into your new kitchen fitout. Our kitchen fitout specialists help you design and alter plans to include all of your desired features. We can also create custom cabinetry made to suit your space.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

In addition to designing an innovative kitchen renovation, our kitchen cabinet makers can create bespoke pieces to utilise all available space. Ideal for maximum storage and functionality, custom cabinets ensure that no space is wasted and no gaps are left between benchtops, cabinets or appliances.


Our kitchen cabinet makers provide you with the freedom to craft the cabinets you envision with ease. Allowing you to choose the colour, surface, material, style and finish of your cabinets, we’re able to provide guidance and recommendation on what would work best in your space. From lighting and aesthetics to practical use and adaptability, achieve a kitchen space that adds value and versatility to your home. Choose custom kitchen cabinets for a solution made to suit your space, size, budget and requirements with our custom kitchen cabinet makers.

The Fogliani Difference

At Fogliani Interiors, we’re passionate about creating luxurious and functional spaces. With over 40 years of knowledge and experience crafting premium home renovations and designs, we bring to life your ideas and concepts with precision and expertise. Our team specialises in completing bespoke pieces of furniture and cabinetry for homes of all sizes, allowing you to truly customise your space.


Taking the guesswork and hassle out of renovations, we offer an end to end renovation service that incorporates every element of planning and logistics. Utilising professional trades who meet our high standards of service and craftsmanship, every kitchen renovation crafted by Fogliani is one completed to perfection.

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