Laundry Renovations

Laundry Renovations Perth

Often forgotten, underestimated or last to be considered, laundries are frequently neglected when it comes to home designs. At Fogliani Interiors, we see the laundry as a home’s behind-the-scenes backbone. Responsible for keeping clothes and linen clean – plus storing cleaning equipment and amenities – a good quality laundry can enhance your home’s productivity and ease stress when it comes to home upkeep and chores.

A dysfunctional laundry can result in chaos. From necessary clothes left unwashed to a messy and confusing space, laundries require smart organisational systems and innovative storage solutions to support your home properly. As experienced laundry renovation professionals, we help you achieve a functional, versatile and appealing laundry space with high end designs and custom laundry cabinets. Transform a cluttered or poorly-designed laundry into a productive and valuable space with Fogliani Interiors.


Innovative Designs & Solutions

Regardless of the size of your laundry space, our laundry renovation team helps you create a functional and modern room made to be put to work. From tight and compact laundries with only sinks and space for machines to more expansive and elaborate spaces with ample walking and working room, we bring smart and innovative laundry designs and solutions to life.

With an in-depth knowledge of clever storage systems, techniques and solutions, our professionals help you make the most out of your laundry. Adding extra space to store items with laundry cabinets, shelving and drawers, move items out of your bedrooms and living spaces and store them neatly in your laundry. Free up room in the rest of your home while keeping items tucked away and organised for convenient access.

Custom Laundry Cabinets

Laundry spaces are often underutilised. From space above and below sinks and machinery to poor designs that leave unnecessary gaps, we turn plain and impractical laundries into multifunctional and versatile spaces with custom laundry cabinets. Our experienced cabinet makers craft high quality bespoke cabinets and storage solutions made to fit your space perfectly. Taking exact measurements of your area and working with you to understand your requirements, we help you maximise the use of space at every level in your laundry.

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