Lighting Tips For Your Modern Interior Design

Lighting Tips For Your Modern Interior Design
March 14, 2016 Joe Fogliani

Lighting Tips For Your Modern Interior Design

Many people overlook lighting when they are creating a modern interior design, but lighting is a vital component in the overall aesthetic. Paint colours, soft furnishings, wall art and even larger pieces of furniture will all be affected by your choice of lighting. Therefore, it is important that you consider your lighting options before you decide on your choice of final modern home interior designs.

Consider Natural Light Sources:

Even today, modern interior design for a home tends to encourage natural light wherever possible. Most rooms will have some form of natural light, so it is important to make the best use of any sources. You will need to consider the light, noise and privacy offered by the light source. If a window is small but compromises privacy, you may need to find light window coverings that allow light to penetrate but create a sense of privacy. In bedrooms or relaxation areas, you may need to consider blackout window coverings to prevent light from disturbing sleep. Therefore, heavier curtains or blinds will need to be incorporated into your design.


Use Complementary Colours:

Colours can have a considerable impact on light as dark colours absorb light and lighter shades reflect any light. When you assess the lighting in the room, you should use a palette of complementary colours to achieve your desired effect. For example, if the room is somewhat dark and there is minimal light, you may want to consider incorporating light wall colours into your modern interior design to maximise the light. However, if you want the room to be a darker relaxation area such as a bedroom, you may want to create a more subtle lighting effect.


Incorporate Accessories:

Mirrors, metal effects and shiny accessories can all be used to create the illusion of more light into a room. Clever placement of mirrors can allow you to light areas of the room that would otherwise be continually shaded. The placement of your accessories can be vital to exploiting both natural and artificial light sources. If you are looking to achieve a bright, airy feel, you can employ these types of accessories to create spots of light around the room. However, if the room is being used for rest and relaxation, shiny or bright metal accessories may be a distraction and should be avoided.


Consider Lighting Effects Throughout the Day:

When you are planning the install of your lighting solutions, you should think about how the light will change throughout the day. Are there areas of the room that may be shaded in the morning but bright during the day. This can impact how that particular area is used. For example, in a kitchen, you will want food preparation areas to be in the brightest area. If this is not possible through natural lighting, you will need to carefully consider your lighting options. Although you may not want to use overhead lights, installing under cabinet lighting can be a fantastic way to create a spotlight effect on even the brightest days.


If you are considering a modern interior design for your home, speak to us. The Fogliani Interiors team would be happy to discuss your requirements and offer a choice of modern interior designs to suit your particular preferences and needs.