Top Tips For A Unique Home Interior Design

Top Tips For A Unique Home Interior Design
March 9, 2016 Joe Fogliani

Top Tips For A Unique Home Interior Design

Whether you are considering bedroom interior design or updating the living areas of your home, you are unlikely to want a carbon copy design everyone else has. Decorating is a great way to showcase your personality and personal preferences, but this requires a unique home interior design. Fortunately, this does not have to be overwhelming with these top tips.

Choose the Right Colour Scheme:

Choosing the right colour is vital to your home interior design. While certain colours may be in fashion at the moment, they may not be the right choice for you. You need to choose a colour you like and can live with in the years to come. Some shades are naturally appealing to create certain moods, muted tones and earthy colours can be relaxing while bold colours can be more exciting and active. The colour scheme will depend on the purpose of the room. You are not likely to want a vivid shade in your bedroom where you want to rest. However, in a work area it could be invigorating. Remember that you can use splashes or accents of bolder colours, rather than committing to whole walls being painted.


Consider Lighting:

Lighting also provides a method of creating a unique ambience. With a subtle change of lighting, you can immediately change the mood in the room. Consider whether you want to have muted or bright lights in the room. If a room is multipurpose, you could make use of bright overhead lights with table lamps for a more intimate atmosphere. There are lots of different lighting options available, many offering great energy efficiency, so you may even find your electricity costs reduce.

Update Flooring:

Many people fail to consider that flooring is actually an important part of an overall interior design. Bedroom interior design can be elevated with the right flooring. Imagine a romantic and lush bedroom decor with a cold, dull floor. When you think of a relaxing and indulgent bedroom design, it is not complete without soft rugs or flooring. You will also need to think about the practicality of the flooring. While a thick rug may look great in your dining area, it can be a nightmare if you have children prone to dropping food on the floor.


Use Finishing Touches to Showcase Your Personality and Experiences:

Some of the most successful interior designs not only look fantastic but showcase the personality of the experience. Your experiences and personality are unique, so when you inject these into your design, it is bound to be unique. Why not incorporate nicknacks you have collected on your travels or personal mementoes into your theme? These small finishing touches can tie the design together and make the room feel complete. You can even build your whole design around one or two items, creating a talking point for your guests.


If you are considering home interior design, contact us. The Fogliani Interiors team are experts in interior design and would be delighted to answer any queries you may have. Whether you are planning a major renovation or updating the decor in one room, we are here to help.